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It just takes one moment!

I really love how the Lord speaks to me through my kids.  Being a mom has helped me get a glimpse of just how the Father loves us.  Even though I can't even begin to imagine that His love for me is even greater than the love I have for my boys, I know that it is true. 
This has been a long, exhausting and emotional week.  We finished regular season basketball.  We have played many sports along the years and we have learned something each year.  This season made for some great moments as we watched kids who have played since they were in Peewees play their last Little Dribblers games before entering Jr. High.  The last game was a bit of a tear jerker for Bryan realizing that it would be the last time he coached Christian in any sport.  Even though we still have Bo, something just hit hard knowing that Christian is getting older and moving on to new adventures. 
I can talk about a lot of outstanding moments this season such as when Christian got the ball stolen from him by one of …

Thank You

Thank you.  These are two simple words in the English language but they can mean so much and are not used enough in my opinion.  This goes back to simple manners 101.  As a child I was taught to say please and thank you.  I remember when my kids were little I was always reminding them to say thank you when someone gave them a piece of candy.  I also remember refusing to let them have one when they were in one of their defiant moods and wouldn't say it.  I find it very disheartening that we don't say thank you enough.  I teach my boys to open doors for people at restaurants.  And though I teach them to never expect a thank you, I see how many people walk passed them and never acknowledge them.  We send our kids to school everyday and there are teachers there that teach them and care for them all day and though they are paid to do it don't get compensated for the extra stuff they do for them.  I have had teachers come to watch my kids play and they will never know how much t…