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A picture is worth more than you know!

On Friday KSBJ brought up a topic that hit close to my heart.  They talked about moms getting back in the picture.  Basically, the topic was about how a lot of times moms are not in the pictures with their kids because they are usually the ones taking them or because they are insecure about their looks. This was my story for years.  Many of you have heard my testimony about this but I am sure a lot of you haven't.
Growing up, I always had some insecurities about my looks but nevertheless I was a ham in front of a camera.  I love to smile and was always "cheesing" for a picture.  About a year after I had Christian, I was going through some mixed emotions in my life.  Life was good with Bryan and my baby boy but something was missing and I didn't know what.  I was a new mom trying to find myself again.  Bryan left for work not knowing what to say to me so I just laid there on the bed and prayed to God for patience and peace in my life.  In the middle of my tears, my ri…

For the love of sports

What a beautiful day to be outside!  The Rhodes household is getting ready for football.   I enjoy watching my kids play.  Being a sports parent has its challenges but I love every minute of it.
I recall signing up my oldest for his first year in tball and being so excited to wear a team shirt and seeing all the parents beam with pride as they wore theirs.  There was never a question in our house that Bryan would coach.  He loves kids and loves being part of the game no matter what sport it is.
Some people think we are crazy and maybe they are right.  We are crazy about our kids.  And now with two kids playing our world just gets wilder.  We have changed shirts at half time to support both of my boys teams.  Both of us have watched half of one game and rushed over to see the other half of the other game.  We've high-tailed it from the airport just in time to coach one of Christian's games.  Our kids have even gone to evening church in cleats. (Don't judge)
We have had some…