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Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

I love this time of year!  I love Christmas and everything that comes with it.  I also love the new year beginning to approach.  It is always a time to reflect on the past year and wait with anticipation as to what the upcoming months will bring.  I am not one for resolutions but I do like to clear my mind and set some goals.  I can't say that I don't look back because I do like to look back and see how much God has done for me.  I also like to see where I have been and see if there are things that I need to change or work on in my life.  I can say that 2012 has been a year full of ups and downs but it has been a special year of my life and has taught me some life lessons.

First of all, I have seen that forgiveness is not as easy to come by as some may think.  And sometimes saying your sorry does not make the situation better.  But saying your sorry is still the right thing to do in order for you to move on even if you can't control how the other person reacts or feels.  A…

I like to win!

So yesterday we got our first win of the season for Bo's flag football team.  It felt so good to finally win a game! We found ourselves quoting the line from Talladega Nights, "If you're not first, you're last."  That line is humorous but nevertheless some people find this to be their motto.  Bryan has been coaching since Christian was little and we have had every type of season.  We have won championships and we have been the last place team.  I always tease Bryan that the Lord is trying to teach him patience and that the Lord knows Bryan's character can truly handle the loss.  For those of you that know him, you know how competitive he is and losing isn't an easy thing.  But losing every game makes winning that much sweeter.  You have to go through the tough times to appreciate how great the good times are.

Some people can lose and handle it with dignity while others begin to unleash the inner beast.  We all can probably relate that to the current elect…

A picture is worth more than you know!

On Friday KSBJ brought up a topic that hit close to my heart.  They talked about moms getting back in the picture.  Basically, the topic was about how a lot of times moms are not in the pictures with their kids because they are usually the ones taking them or because they are insecure about their looks. This was my story for years.  Many of you have heard my testimony about this but I am sure a lot of you haven't.
Growing up, I always had some insecurities about my looks but nevertheless I was a ham in front of a camera.  I love to smile and was always "cheesing" for a picture.  About a year after I had Christian, I was going through some mixed emotions in my life.  Life was good with Bryan and my baby boy but something was missing and I didn't know what.  I was a new mom trying to find myself again.  Bryan left for work not knowing what to say to me so I just laid there on the bed and prayed to God for patience and peace in my life.  In the middle of my tears, my ri…

For the love of sports

What a beautiful day to be outside!  The Rhodes household is getting ready for football.   I enjoy watching my kids play.  Being a sports parent has its challenges but I love every minute of it.
I recall signing up my oldest for his first year in tball and being so excited to wear a team shirt and seeing all the parents beam with pride as they wore theirs.  There was never a question in our house that Bryan would coach.  He loves kids and loves being part of the game no matter what sport it is.
Some people think we are crazy and maybe they are right.  We are crazy about our kids.  And now with two kids playing our world just gets wilder.  We have changed shirts at half time to support both of my boys teams.  Both of us have watched half of one game and rushed over to see the other half of the other game.  We've high-tailed it from the airport just in time to coach one of Christian's games.  Our kids have even gone to evening church in cleats. (Don't judge)
We have had some…

A little bit of sunshine

We all have a circle of people that surround us.  And like I have said before, we are influenced by those people. We have people in our lives who make us laugh.  There are those who you know will drop anything they are doing and be there for you.  There are those who you don't see often but still make an impression on you that makes you smile.  We have those who always know the right thing to say and know just when to say it.  There are those people who speak positive things over your life and make you feel like you are the best person who ever lived.  I am thankful for those people.  And I am grateful for the friends who give it to me straight even when it is not my favorite thing to hear.  But I know their heart and I know they do it in love.

But on the other hand we all have those who know how to knock us down.  Those who always want to tear you down the further you climb.  There are the "Debbie Downers" and the "one-uppers" too.  You know who I am talking a…

Dream Big!

Earlier this week I went with Bryan to a vendor expo. It wasn't the ideal place I wanted to be but I had some interest since it would benefit our business.  I was hoping it would be the apparel side like Duck Commander or Salt Life.  But this was about rat traps, chicken starter kits, fertilizer and pesticides.  Not exactly what I had in mind for a nice getaway with my husband.
However, I found myself very interested.  I did learn a few things and I enjoyed getting to hear Bryan talk to different salesman about their products.  He amazed me about how much he knew even after only owning the store for 2 years. 

  Before we bought Texas Feed Stop, I remember praying for a solid year before we made a decision.  I prayed for peace and I prayed for Bryan to have the desires of his heart.  I was accustomed to putting myself out there but Bryan the realist had a harder time jumping in with two feet.  When the time came to make a decision we were both ready.  We knew nothing about ownin…

Who inspires you?

I got up this morning to drink coffee with Bryan before his 10K.  We have been getting up together to have coffee for 13 years now no matter what time the other has to be up.  So after he left I decided to go ahead and get my run in for the day.  It is a beautiful morning outside and the nice cool breeze made running so much more enjoyable.
I ran the neighborhood and when I got to the hill, I couldn't help getting a burst of energy to keep going knowing that Bryan was about to run over a bridge and my little up-hill climb would pale in comparison.  Bryan inspires me!  He is going to kill me for even writing this but this is my blog and I can do it.  He can choose not to read it.
We met at work and I remember thinking that he would never look at me.  Well without going into a long story, here we are now with two kids later.  He is my best friend.  He is not perfect but that is what I love most about him.  Sure he speaks before he thinks.  Sure he gets overly competitive at times. …

I love me some mommas!

To all the moms out there...
Would you say that being a mom is one of the most difficult and yet most rewarding things in life?  Whether you actually have children or just have the great opportunity to be a motherly influence to special ones around you, motherhood can have its challenges. 
First let me say that I had a wonderful example of a mother and though she wasn't perfect she was pretty darn close.  I knew I wanted to be a mom but I can honestly say that I knew more than two was out of the question.  I don't have the patience or energy for more than two.  Plus for health reasons, the doctor cautioned me from having any more.  And when I ended up with two boys I didn't want to take the chance of having a third boy.  I love my boys but let me say if I added one more ounce of testosterone to my house, I would have to admit myself to a mental hospital.
Motherhood is the area in which I always question my strengths and usually look more at my weaknesses of being a mother…

Running in the Rain

So this afternoon we decided to stay on our training program and run in the rain.  Bryan had to do 7 miles and I only had to do 2.  We have always been in to physical fitness as a family but we have had times where we have slacked off for a variety of reasons.  We made a commitment to stay in shape this time around.  It really isn't about being skinny or looking like a supermodel.  Although I wouldn't mind knowing I could get into a bikini again even though I probably would never wear it in public.  Or not having to worry about my inner thighs rubbing while I run, would be very nice.  I want to be in shape so I can run around with my kids at Schlitterbahn.  I want to be in shape so I can run the billion places I have to a day and not be utterly exhausted.  I want to be in shape so I can play basketball with my son in the driveway and not be so winded.  I want to be in shape so I can say that Lupus is not a disease that owns me.  I am an over comer.  I am more than a conqueror.…

Why am I writing again?

Wow! I don't know why I am starting a blog.  Maybe it is because I have a lot to say.  I read a book not too long ago entitled "God's Guest List" by Debbie Macomber.  A friend of mine recommended the book and I can say that it definitely made an impression on me.  It talked about how God places people in our lives in different seasons and how we should take time to embrace them.  But there is a part in the book that talks about following our dreams and passions.  The word "passion" has been on my mind for at least 6 months now.  I am a wife and a mother of two handsome boys.  Although, that in of itself keeps me jammed-up busy, I find myself wondering what my passions are.  Yes, I am passionate about my family but I don't know what I like to do outside of them.  Unfortunately I don't have a crafty side, nor do I have a green thumb, and I certainly am not the best cook.
 My passion is people, if you consider that a passion.  I have always loved to sp…