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Running, Basketball & Friends

So much has gone on from last Sunday until today.  On Sunday, May 5th I had a group of 24 people, who I consider super important in my life, run the Lupus 5K with me.  It wasn't my first 5K but this race meant so much more to me.  My mom and I both have lupus and I have missed this race every year.  This year I was determined to fit it into my schedule.  When I set out to enter the race I never expected the response I would get from family and friends.  I had a huge support group! For some, it was their first 5K to ever do.  Each person had a different goal.  Others just wanted to run without stopping.  Some wanted to beat a certain time. Some just wanted to finish the race.  This race wasn't just about lupus.  This was about rising up against life's challenges.  This was about running towards a goal and not letting anything drag you down. 

Sure we all face different obstacles and we all have our way of dealing with them.  Some of us sprint towards the finish line while s…