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So today I decided to run.  Yeah, yeah I know you don't want to hear about my run.  Believe me, I read all the jabs on Facebook about what everyone's personal pet peeve is.  You know some can't stand the people who post about their work outs all the time, or the ones who take pictures of their food or the selfie-crazed people, or the ones who post about their kids all the time.  Or they can't stand the ones who talk about God all the time or the ones who talk about going out to the club every day.  I don't let it work me up either way.  There is no need to delete,  I just keep scrolling down to the next post.  The truth is I am guilty of every single one except the selfies.  I am not that talented to take a picture of myself.

So again, I begin with the fact that today I decided to run.  I haven't really ran in several months.  It is so frustrating that a while back I was running three and four times a week and was feeling pretty darn good about myself.  I swore…