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In my last blog I talked about trying to simplify my life.  So you may be wondering how that is going.  Truth is, I don't know that I have slowed down enough to know if I have simplified things or not.  I have tried not to post as much on social media.  Our Pastor hit on social media a bit in his message.  He was encouraging us to not get caught up in other people's lives.  Sometimes we get a false sense of who people really are because they post what they want you to see.  I try to post mostly positive things and that is truly a direct reflection of who I am.  I definitely don't want people to think my life is perfect though.  Only with God's help am I able to stay grounded in the midst of this crazy world.

My marriage is wonderful but not perfect.  Bryan and I went out on our first date 18 years ago on Valentines Day.  People always told me the first 5 years of marriage would be rough.  But I didn't think those years were all that bad.  We really have grown up to…