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The Dinner Table

We sat down to eat at the actual dinner table two nights ago.  And have done so three nights this week.  Why is that so important?  Well just let me explain.

We have always been a close family.  We are usually always together.  It has only been in the last year that we have been split on occasion between two children in their activities.  We always pile in one bed to say evening prayers and have several on our list that we pray for each night.  Friday nights are normally family nights where we just hang out and take a moment to exhale before starting the busy weekends.  We rarely miss a dinner together.  But to be honest, we eat in front of the TV.  Conversation is never scarce but there is always noise from the big screen.  So there we are, the four of us, two dogs and Adam Levine from "The Voice".  I just had to throw him in there.

I applaud you if you always eat at the dinner table.  I can also say that I don't feel that we are any less of a close family because we do…