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Confessions of a sports mom

I have a confession to make.  I am a sports mom.  But most of you already know that.  If my kids were into dance, I would be a dance mom.  If they were into theater, I would be a stage mom.  Whatever my kids were interested in doing, I would support them to the fullest.  I would buy the shirt, the hat, the band and wear them proudly.  Some people still don't understand our lives.  People think we are crazy running from game to game and from a basketball gym to a football field.  Yes, it is insane sometimes, but I love the insanity.  It is an insanity that keeps us sane.  Amongst all the chaos, I have learned some of the most important life lessons through sports.

Yesterday Bo's team learned a lesson to NEVER GIVE UP.  Before yesterday's game, we had only won two games this season.  We were playing the #2 ranked team.  Our boys had a lead and then the other team came back and were ahead by two points.  One of our kids was fouled and made one of his free throws, putting us o…