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A time to be still

Well it is almost time to embrace 2015.  Everyone is getting ready for New Years Eve celebrations and preparing New Years resolutions.  I am ready for the new year.  I am expecting a better year.  I mean 2014 wasn't horrible.  But this year brought two surgeries in our household and it was the busiest year ever.

January is both mine and Bryan's birthday month but we really weren't able to enjoy it due to his gallbladder surgery.  It has taken a while for him to get back to normal but we are thankful for a successful surgery and for the outpouring of prayers we received during that time.  Spring flew by but we ended up with a 13 and 9 year old in the process.  During the Summer, we played two select sports.  It was fun but so exhausting.  Every weekend was full of basketball or football.  Nothing makes me happier than watching my boys do what they love to do but honestly it can wear on you.  We enjoyed another great vacation in Garner with good friends.  Two of us got darke…

Pure Randomness

I guess I didn't realize that it has been this long since I wrote last.  Honestly, so much has been going on that I didn't even think that I could organize my thoughts enough to get them on paper. Life has been a whirlwind lately. It is just moving and it seems to go by faster each and every day. 

Over the last few months, I was able to be a part of my new church's launch.  I can't even begin to describe how alive I feel in my spirit these days.  It has been a lot of hard work alongside some amazing people. To say it has been great would be an understatement.  I have seen people in a way that I haven't in a long time.  I find myself having a heart for the hurting, the broken-hearted and the sick more than ever before.  I have always loved people but I think I was stuck in my own world for a while.  I could see people but the path to get to them seemed too hard to travel or it was just my blurred vision.  My heart has opened up again.  Since all of this, I have had m…

Sunlight and Rain

Recently I have had no words to share.  The words just seem to be floating around in my head like a mixed up mess.  I have had a couple of people ask about why I haven't posted recently.  All I can say is that there just hasn't been enough in me to pour out.   Life can be joyous, comical, crazy and even heart breaking at times.  The other day I found my 4th gray hair and I just had to laugh.  I am not getting younger and life just doesn't stop when you want it to.  Things will happen as you walk through your days.  Some things will make you want to shout from the rooftops and other days want to make you crawl into a hole.  You will have triumphs and tragedies.  But one thing is for sure, life will still go on despite the way you are feeling in that one moment.

One thing I love about Facebook is getting to walk through people's lives with them.  I have smiled at posts, shook my head at some and cried over others.  I have rejoiced in babies being born, degrees being earn…

The Dinner Table

We sat down to eat at the actual dinner table two nights ago.  And have done so three nights this week.  Why is that so important?  Well just let me explain.

We have always been a close family.  We are usually always together.  It has only been in the last year that we have been split on occasion between two children in their activities.  We always pile in one bed to say evening prayers and have several on our list that we pray for each night.  Friday nights are normally family nights where we just hang out and take a moment to exhale before starting the busy weekends.  We rarely miss a dinner together.  But to be honest, we eat in front of the TV.  Conversation is never scarce but there is always noise from the big screen.  So there we are, the four of us, two dogs and Adam Levine from "The Voice".  I just had to throw him in there.

I applaud you if you always eat at the dinner table.  I can also say that I don't feel that we are any less of a close family because we do…

Love Story

As we embark on Easter Sunday, I am not feeling so "eastery".  Yes, I know that is not a word but just follow me.  Maybe it is this crazy Texas weather that jumps from hot to cold and from rain to sunshine in the matter of a few hours.  I love Spring time but my allergies have been jacked up for weeks and it seems there is no relief in sight.  My boys are older and aren't so much into the egg hunts anymore.  I have replaced Easter baskets with Academy bags and Nike drawstring bags.  I really need to just borrow some one's little girl for the weekend so that I can dress her up and buy all the cute Easter stuff out there.  Of course I would need to return her after Sunday.

I know that Easter is the best time of year.  Easter reminds us of the greatest story of all.  It is the story of unfailing love, precious grace and redemption.  I should be rejoicing, right?  Can I just put it all out here?  I am tired!  My mind is tired.  My heart is tired.  My body is tired.  Have…


So today I decided to run.  Yeah, yeah I know you don't want to hear about my run.  Believe me, I read all the jabs on Facebook about what everyone's personal pet peeve is.  You know some can't stand the people who post about their work outs all the time, or the ones who take pictures of their food or the selfie-crazed people, or the ones who post about their kids all the time.  Or they can't stand the ones who talk about God all the time or the ones who talk about going out to the club every day.  I don't let it work me up either way.  There is no need to delete,  I just keep scrolling down to the next post.  The truth is I am guilty of every single one except the selfies.  I am not that talented to take a picture of myself.

So again, I begin with the fact that today I decided to run.  I haven't really ran in several months.  It is so frustrating that a while back I was running three and four times a week and was feeling pretty darn good about myself.  I swore…

Confessions of a sports mom

I have a confession to make.  I am a sports mom.  But most of you already know that.  If my kids were into dance, I would be a dance mom.  If they were into theater, I would be a stage mom.  Whatever my kids were interested in doing, I would support them to the fullest.  I would buy the shirt, the hat, the band and wear them proudly.  Some people still don't understand our lives.  People think we are crazy running from game to game and from a basketball gym to a football field.  Yes, it is insane sometimes, but I love the insanity.  It is an insanity that keeps us sane.  Amongst all the chaos, I have learned some of the most important life lessons through sports.

Yesterday Bo's team learned a lesson to NEVER GIVE UP.  Before yesterday's game, we had only won two games this season.  We were playing the #2 ranked team.  Our boys had a lead and then the other team came back and were ahead by two points.  One of our kids was fouled and made one of his free throws, putting us o…

Just a Reminder

Sitting at home has never been my thing.  I like to do it every once in a while but I like to be doing something or feeling like I have accomplished something.  I am one of those people who doesn't mind getting up and going to work every morning.  I truly like my job and the people I work with.  But today I am off taking care of my husband who just had gall bladder surgery and the kiddos are home due to this crazy Texas weather.  There is not much for me to do today since I cleaned my house before surgery.  I guess I could clean the clutter piles that are stacked neat in a corner but I really have no motivation to do that either.  I have cleaned the kitchen three times already because when we are home we eat a lot.  I do have to say that I am enjoying staying in my jammies and getting to lay around with no deadlines.

I have had some time to think and reflect on some things in my life.  I shared recently that my life continues to be blessed but that I have had some of my toughest y…

2014-We Can Do Life Together

So I have never been one for New Year resolutions but I do always like to set some goals. I have a few that always seem to be on my list each and every year like lose weight and be healthy. Let's see if I can try that one more time.   I do want to continue to write these blogs and hope that you embrace them and read them.  Just maybe you can relate to my crazy world.    If you are just starting to read these, I want you to know that I write from my personal experiences of being an everyday mom, wife and Christian. I share these blogs on my face book page that way you can choose to read them or not.

A while back I saw several people posting interesting facts about themselves that people may have not known about them. I never did it because I really thought no one actually cared to read them. And it didn't help that other people were saying how they were tired of seeing the posts and didn't care. Well I loved reading all the facts about people because everyone has a sto…