Running in the Rain

So this afternoon we decided to stay on our training program and run in the rain.  Bryan had to do 7 miles and I only had to do 2.  We have always been in to physical fitness as a family but we have had times where we have slacked off for a variety of reasons.  We made a commitment to stay in shape this time around.  It really isn't about being skinny or looking like a supermodel.  Although I wouldn't mind knowing I could get into a bikini again even though I probably would never wear it in public.  Or not having to worry about my inner thighs rubbing while I run, would be very nice.  I want to be in shape so I can run around with my kids at Schlitterbahn.  I want to be in shape so I can run the billion places I have to a day and not be utterly exhausted.  I want to be in shape so I can play basketball with my son in the driveway and not be so winded.  I want to be in shape so I can say that Lupus is not a disease that owns me.  I am an over comer.  I am more than a conqueror. 
It has been really fun getting the kids involved.  My oldest has shown a new interest in running since he has picked up some incredible speed over the Summer.  His long legs that he gets from his daddy sure make for a pretty stride.  Unfortunately, momma has to take 100 strides to match his one.  You can tell the influence we have on him.  This year for school he wanted a pair of Asics (which are known to be good running shoes) instead of his usual choice of Nike's.  Bryan and I both tried to talk him out of them thinking he would regret not getting his usual pair of kicks.  I asked him if many kids at school wear Asics and he said confidently "Not really but I don't want to be like everyone else."  I sure hope he keeps that uniqueness about him.  He got to wear those shoes to run in and loves them by the way.
As we were running in the rain I began to see some things pretty clearly.  Christian was in front running 2 miles, Bryan and I were in the middle and Bo was trailing behind trying to finish one.  I looked at Christian and it made me think of how we as parents are so proud of our kids.  We want them to go and change the world.  We want them to succeed and flourish.  We want them to go and explore the beauty of life all while staying grounded in their faith and foundation.  And knowing Bo was behind us reminded me that we still have a responsibility to mold them, encourage them, and guide the way for them. We go before them to protect them and keep them on the right path.  Isn't that what the Lord does for us?  He promises to go before us in every situation.  He makes our crooked paths straight.  And even when it rains, we can persevere.
 I hope that through physical fitness our kids see that commitments need to be kept.  The rain could have held us back but it didn't.  I hope they see that we care about them and want the best for them.  We push them because we see their potential.  But we do it in love so they know they are safe with us and that we will always be right there with them.  We will help them if they fall but we rejoice in their triumphs when they get back up.  We are not the perfect family, but it is our family. And we strive to "press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus." Philippians 3:14


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