Dream Big!

  Earlier this week I went with Bryan to a vendor expo. It wasn't the ideal place I wanted to be but I had some interest since it would benefit our business.  I was hoping it would be the apparel side like Duck Commander or Salt Life.  But this was about rat traps, chicken starter kits, fertilizer and pesticides.  Not exactly what I had in mind for a nice getaway with my husband.
However, I found myself very interested.  I did learn a few things and I enjoyed getting to hear Bryan talk to different salesman about their products.  He amazed me about how much he knew even after only owning the store for 2 years. 

  Before we bought Texas Feed Stop, I remember praying for a solid year before we made a decision.  I prayed for peace and I prayed for Bryan to have the desires of his heart.  I was accustomed to putting myself out there but Bryan the realist had a harder time jumping in with two feet.  When the time came to make a decision we were both ready.  We knew nothing about owning a business.  We were as green as they come.  Within the first week of buying it we got hit with some obstacles.  I remember us sitting on the front steps of the store.  I was in tears and Bryan's head was in his hands.  We were beyond stressed!  But we picked ourselves up and went back inside and told the kids we were all walking around the store and praying for our family and the business.  Whether they prayed or not I don't know but they followed our direction.  That is how our family works.  We do things together.  We made it through that obstacle by the grace of God.  Now here we are starting on our 3rd year.  Yes there are still times when we ask "why did we do this" but the Lord constantly reminds us that there is more for us.  There is a higher calling.  I can say that owning our own business has made us rely on the Lord fully.  We still have hard times but God has always seen us through.  He is faithful!

  I think what impacted me the most at the expo was the planning ahead part. We had to spend money on items that won't be in the store until next year. We were preparing for our future. That can be so difficult at times. We don't know what the future holds but we have to prepare as if we do know. We had to take chances on buying new lines and hoping they will sell and appeal to our customers.  I know we have made wrong decisions before but you have to keep trying.  You can't be scared to fall and you most certainly have to be confident in knowing who helps pick you back up.   When I fall, God catches me. When I am down, He lifts me up.  And though my knees sometimes tremble, it is the solid rock on which I stand.

  I know the Lord holds my future and I am thankful that he prepares a place for me.  I am thankful he has blessed us through our business and allowed us to be a blessing.  There are even more dreams in our hearts that I know only He can help us accomplish.  But if he has done it once, I know he will do it again.
I pray that the Lord blesses each one of you!  I pray that you will have peace in your hearts.  I pray that you will be bold enough to try new things that your heart desires.  I pray that you will have His favor and that He would open doors of opportunity for you to accomplish your dreams.  Dream big and let God lead you!


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