Monday, May 21, 2018

I haven't prayed

With all that is going on in the world today I thought I needed to make a confession.  You see I am a prayer warrior.  I love to pray with people and for people.  I am that person who will pray for you if you ask me to.  Now I have to admit I may not say some long prayers or spend hours locked up in a prayer closet, but nonetheless, I will pray for you.  You can bet on it.

But I have to let you in on a little secret.  I realized today that I hadn't prayed in a week.  There I said it.  I said some prayers for others here and there but I didn't open my mouth for myself or my own family and a whole week had passed.  I just gave up.  The truth is I am tired, exhausted, busy, and just stagnant.  This just cannot be and I am ashamed to admit it.  It's the ugly truth.
At a time when my kids need the most prayer and my husband needs my prayers, I just don't have the words to utter.  Surely God knows my heart and he knows what I need before I even ask him.  But I don't even have the common courtesy to tell him hello.  I may have given him a casual and nonchalant "thank you" here and there but what happened to my deep conversations with God?

All I see is chaos in the world right now and occasional bursts of chaos in my own home.  I can't help but think about the praying moms out there.  Maybe y'all are better at this than me.  Maybe you are on day 256 of your bible reading plan and haven't missed a beat.  I was doing good and then I opened my app and had missed 5 days in a row.  And I can't stand to have a missed day notification so I cram all 5 days in and don't truly reflect on what I just read.  It's all a blur.  Does anyone else ever feel this way?  This is reality people.

There are so many things going on in the world today.  And I know everybody says it requires action and not just prayer.  I am not being political here.  I totally agree but I think the first action we must make is to pray.  And it starts with us moms in our own homes for our own families.  Ladies we hold so much power in our family.  We have such big hearts and wide spread arms to love our families and to hold them in times of need.  God crafted us to be meek and kind but he also made us to be bold and strong.  Sometimes we have to dig our heels (whatever size you choose to wear) in and stand for our husbands and kids in prayer.  I know I have to put my big (bigger than ever) girl panties on and pray.  I know I have friends and family who have my back but they don't live in my house each day.  I have to fight for my family.  I have to pray for their protection from such an evil world we live in.  I have to pray for favor in the decisions they make regarding their futures.  I have to pray for the boldness to defend my family of unwarranted attacks that come against them.  I have to pray for the grace to not totally go psycho on my kids when they act like fools.  I have to pray for my house to be a house full of joy and love and peace.  This is my house and God gave me this life and blessed me with these humans that live in it.  I can't fall asleep on my watch Lord.  I just can't.

There is no better time to start than now if you haven't ever started.  We can't wait till all is quiet and calm in our home.  We have to pray NOW!  And it doesn't have to be a fancy prayer full of all the right biblical terms.  This is just an honest conversation between you and God.  It has to come from the deep down places of your soul even if that means an emotional outburst.  But we simply can't afford to sit back and wait for someone else to pray for our family.  I am never shy about asking for prayer from some of my biggest prayer warriors when I can't do it myself.  However, I know my own family better than anyone else.  God chose me and all my flaws and gave me all the words I need to pray for my loved ones.  Yes it was so much simpler when they were younger and I was tucking them into bed each night.  Things were easy when we recited the usual children's prayers.  But they are older now and things are much more real.  The things this world throws at them requires some different types of prayers.  It requires a momma who is willing to kick off her shoes, if need be, and get down in the thick of things no matter how dark the situation is.

I know some of you may be saying "Hope I have tried this and it doesn't work."  I have been there too.  I don't have all of the exact answers as to why bad things happen to good people.  I have prayed countless prayers for protection over my kids and one continues to suffer injury over and over again.  I have prayed for direction over our futures and have not gotten any clear answers.  I have prayed for clarity and still made wrong choices.  Mommas, I truly understand.  But when I have prayed I have put my soul at rest.   My confidence comes from knowing that God and I have talked and he will work on my family's behalf.  He will see the work he started through to completion.  Bad things may still happen but God will work ALL things out for our good.  I may cry and throw a temper tantrum but at least I know my heavenly father is listening.  Open your mouth Hope.  Mommas, open your mouths.

Each of us has our own style and our prayers may not sound the same and that's how it should be.  Some of you whisper tenderly while others may let out a shout.  You know your home, set the tone for it, and possess the words to be spoken over your family.  God didn't choose anyone else but you to be the wife of your husband and the mother of your kids.  Don't let the enemy get you so busy and so tired that you forget to open your mouth and pray.  I am talking to myself here.  It's time for me to stand again and that may require some kneeling too.  Whatever position you choose to pray from it just starts with a humble heart and an open soul.  We've got this moms!  Ain't no devil in Hell that can take on a praying momma on a mission with God on her side.

If momma ain't happy ain't nobody truer words have ever been spoken.

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  1. Love the encouragement and truth. I used to always pray myself them one day I just stopped not realizing that I did. With your words of honesty I know thst God just spoke to me through you. Thank you .

    Your cousin,


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